Tuesday, September 2, 2014

1 Year Old!!!!

August, 24 2014
We hope all is well with you. It has been great reflecting on this pass year. It is hard to believe Durant is 1 year old. You have given us an amazing gift and he surprises us every day.  Within the last 6 months, a lot has changed. We have traveled more, Durant is passing milestone after milestone, and he has the best personality.
Durant has become a strong, active, silly, happy little boy. He started walking at 10 months and hasn’t stopped exploring! He loves being outside, playing in dirt, playing at the park and he loves swinging on the swings at the park and at Nonnie and Papa’s house. Durant attends play groups weekly. We take trips to different places like a farm, the children museum, and the public pool. He loves exploring different places and love playing with other kids. Also, Durant started swim lessons and is excelling.
Durant loves food, which helps feed his busy body. He has 5 teeth but that doesn’t stop him from eating anything and everything. He will try any food you give him, although, he loves chicken, strawberries and bananas.
Durant loves to gibber gabber. Once he found his voice he hasn’t stopped using it. He is only saying 1 word…Dada! And he loves saying it. He especially loves running up and down the hall screaming it looking for Dada.  We have taught him some sign language to help him communicate with us. He has mastered the signs for “eat”, “all done” and “more”. We are now working on the signs for “play”, “work”, and “milk”.
We recently went to California. While we were there we celebrated Durant’s first birthday. We had a huge birthday bash. A ton of family and friends came to shower Durant with gifts and love for his first birthday! It was a wonderful party and trip.
It is hard to believe Durant was born a year ago. It has been wonderful reflecting back on the pass year and to see how Durant has changed from a little baby to a wonderfully silly, happy toddler.  We have done so much in the last 6 months; we moved, visited family in North Carolina, Ohio and California. We have explored new places too; Children’s museum, VA beach, Lake Anna, the Farm and Fairy Tale Town.  
We have been so blessed with this amazing little boy. He is so loved and supported by all of our family! We can’t thank you enough for him! We hope your year and summer has gone well. We pray God will bless you the rest of the year!
Love, Nathan Meghan and Durant

9,10, and 11 months

I have combined these months because we have just been busy with life!
It so hard to remember every cool thing Rant does.
Rant started walking at 10 months.
He has 4 teeth
He signs all done... And refuses to sign anything else
We go work out with a great group called stroller strides
We have visited lots of places... Ohio...VA beach... Children's museum... Fire station
Rant has the best personality is still laid back and just a funny silly little boy.
June 20th our adoption was finalized! God blessed us with the best baby ever! :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

7, 8, and 9 to come

Durant was 7 months
And he was 8 months
I can't believe he is 9 months now!

Clearly time has flown by. I have been slacking on updating. So much has happened!
Durant  is learning new things every day and he is becoming such a silly little boy.
While he was 7 and 8 months he started pulling himself up on everything
He mastered cruising
He ate everything you could give him
He loved/loves playing with his toys
He got more vocal.... and loud!
He got to meet his Granny T and Papaw
He got to meet a Great Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins
He traveled to another state
He celebrated his first Easter
He entertained his Cousins for a week
He helped his Mom and Dad purchase their first home
He helped move and unpack
He learned how to terrorize the pup
He has learned many more things. I couldn't even list all of them.

All we care about is that he is healthy and still a sweet silly little boy!
Unfortunately, we thought we were done with our post placement visits but NOPE!
We are still having them until finalization which is taking longer then anticipated. The lawyer has stated, "Northern Virginia just isn't efficient when it comes to adoption hearings."
We hope to finalize in July. Please pray that we are able to finalize in July if not sooner!

Bring on the photos!!!!

Our new home!

 Happy Easter